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Small Town Pride

     Hamlet is proud of its heritage as a railroad town, where it is known as the “Hub of the Seaboard”. A unique feature of this city is the charm of its business district which was built in the early part of the 1900’s and where the original buildings have been retained. The Architecture of the buildings made Walt Disney Studios choose Hamlet as the site for the filming of portions of the movie “Billy Bathgate” starring Dustin Hoffman.
Hamlet Yard
     The Hamlet Opera House, built in 1914, where many of the greatest stars have performed, including Blackstone, the magician, and the Great Caruso, is in the process of being restored by a group of volunteers known as the Opera House Restoration Board. The Opera house and the downtown business district have been placed on the National Historic District.The Seaboard Railroad Station, built in 1900, is already listed on the National register and has undergoing restoration.
Snowy Welcome